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Smart Notebook links / Server info and links

Smart Notebook Links

Rockingham County ICT resources                                                             Smart Exchange link                        IWB Training Days        IWB HOW TO

http://www.rockingham.k12.va.us/howto/smartboard/lessons.htm LINK                                 The Teachers Guide           Scholastic IWB

Bob’s Place Smartbaord Resources                                     NOTEBOOK LESSONS

Yowie Bay PS Link           Connells Point PS Link          Smart Board Templates        Copacabana PS   Copacabana Web 2 Tools

 ClassToolsHowTo     ClassTools



server info link

printable copy link

full info on Standard server


SR Website Link

IWB’s and Projector Information

Interactive Whiteboards – filters need to be cleaned and counters reset every 2-3 weeks; the projector needs to be turned off at recess and lunch breaks and when not in use as the globe has a 2000 hour lifespan and they cost $300.00 each to replace; lack of cleaning voids the warranty and can cause the lens to warp.

SANYO and EPSOM PROJECTORS – bulb changing, thermal switch resetting and manuals for all projectors

how to smartboard lessons, downloads for IWB link here

Optimal Screen Resolution for IWB’s

1024 X 768 Optimal resolution for IWBs

Right click on desktop > properties > settings

2010 Computer Coordinators Day Notes

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick link to to the Presenters’ Notes for CC Day term3 2010


And this is a quick link to The Presenters’ Notes for CC Day term2, 2010


And this is a quick link to the Presenters Notes for CCDay term1,2010

And a quick link to CCDay term4 2010

I hope all these links worked. I have to publish b4 I can check it,



Hi Everyone,

These are the links to the notes from the Computer Coordinators’ Days 2010

Computer Coordinators © Teacher, DET NSW 2010

Term 2

CC Day Term2,2010 © Teacher, DET NSW 2010

andTerm 3.

Computer Coordinators © Teacher, DET NSW 2010

There are more in depth tutorials, links, information etc on the SR website – technology -information for CC’s. I think that the notes will be useful to everyone as it is the most up to date

information on many areas involving ICTs,